Domestic Bin - Won't Accept Return

Columbus, Ohio 2 comments
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I ordered bedding for my child's room from an online company called Domestic Bin. I attempted to then return the mechandise two times after I found the same thing at a better price elsewhere.

The first time I sent it back I had not researched their very convoluted return policy well and it was probably my fault it was returned to me. The second time I called their customer service line and did exactly as I was told. They still wouldn't accept the return.

I gave up after spending $30 trying to send back a hundred dollars worth of merchandise. No point throwing away more good money after bad.

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We have been in business for 35 years and always accept returns with a liberal 30 day return policy. All we ask is that it is authorized first so it can be sent to the correct warehouse location.

Domestic Bin



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